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THE Prosper Eagle Baseball Booster Club is a nonprofit 501.3c led by a board of volunteers who are all here to support our school's baseball athletes and coaches across all levels. We support over 85 athletes, coaches, trainers, families, and support staff across 3 levels of teams. Our goal and purpose is to help ensure our athletes get a memorable and exciting experience while being a part of the Prosper Baseball program.


We offer a variety of ways parents and community members can lend a hand, and we encourage everyone to participate. Put simply, our baseball program would not run without YOU! From financial support to hospitality room hosts during tournaments to the concession stand workers during games, we need YOU.


The Community Teammates initiative was developed as a way for local businesses to partner with us and support our programs through financial donations. We are looking for community members and businesses who support our efforts and understand the importance of athletics, specifically baseball, as well as how it impacts and molds these young men's lives.


Through the donations of both time and financial assistance, we can provide things such as game day meals, new equipment, field and stadium repairs and improvements, and a fan favorite, live broadcasts of district and playoff baseball games! We also sponsor a terrific end-of-season banquet recognizing the teams and players for their efforts through the season.


We look forward to working with you to create a true partnership to make this program the best it can be.

Teammate Opportunities

THANK YOU! As mentioned, this is a partnership and we could not do this without you. We would also like you to know that while these levels have been thoughtfully created and put together by our board, there are many other ways we could utilize your company’s expertise and services if one of these levels does not seem like the right fit for you.


We look forward to speaking with you further about the opportunity and getting to work with you this season!

Go Eagles!

For more information and further inquires, please contact

Jeremy Fouts - (c) 214.592.5009 or

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